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Friday, May 22, 2009

Your a Superstar Blogger!!

I have been given a new award again. I love awards!! This one is from Thoughts on Everything and Nothing it is the Super Star Blogger Award. Thanks so much Stacie, I love it:)

I would like to award it to some of the blogs I like to hang out at:

Click HERE to see Pregnant With Cancer

Click HERE to see I'm Still Standing

Click HERE to see Bundle 2 Baby


Dee said...

it is always nice to get a blog award...makes you feel so good and really puts more confidence in yourself as a webmaster or/and a blogger.


I've only got two, but sinece I have done the extreme make over on my blog. It made a difference of people who wants to listen to you and your thoughts and the outcome is always rewarding.

Safe hugz,
A Mom's journey

Sandi said...

well thank you! I just happened to be dropping by and saw this. Thanks so much :)

Moms On The Go said...

Sorry Sandi, I made the post. the baby cried and I forgot to send a note to the people I gave the award to. OOPS! Anywho, Love your blog!

shelley said...

hey jennifer,
hmmm i just saw this thank you sooo much that is sooo sweet of you! i wanted you to know i added your button to my "Confessions of the Playground Princess" blog! and again thanks sooo much for putting up my button! <3

Bundle 2 Baby said...

Thank you so much for the award! I'm putting it up on my blog now. :)