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Monday, October 5, 2009

Canadian Coupon Websites

Another London Drugs ( LD) shopping spree

2 bags of Pampers - $18.99 PM w/ SDM $13.99 X2 =$ 27.98 - $25.00= $2.98
Crest Pro Health Tooth paste- $2.99-$3.00= FREE
Satin Care Gel- $2.99-$3.00= FREE
Crest White Strips-$49.99- PM w/ SDM $29.99- $30.00= FREE
Scrub Free- $2.99-$2.75=$0.24
Panteen Shampoo & Panteen Conditioner $3.99 each = $7.98-$8.00= +0.02
Pampers wipes- $4.99-$2.00= $2.99
Huggies Wipes- $3.99-$3.99= FREE
Glade Candle $8.99- $8.99 Mail in Rebate= FREE
Huggies Pure Natural Diapers $12.99-$13.00= FREE
Alimentum $6.99-$5.00= $1.99

Tax $5.29
Total $25.12
( the cashier screwed up on one coupon it was suppose to be $3.00 and she only put $0.30)
After the rebate I would have paid $16.12
Coupon savings of $88.04
Mail in rebate of $8.99

PM- Price Matched
SDM- Shoppers Drug Mart
The - amounts were my coupon amounts/ item

Where can you find Canadian Coupons?

Mail coupons: ( you order free online, they will be mailed to you within a week)

Printable:( Never change the sizing of a coupon, it is considered Fraud just like altering money)

When you shop using your Visa-

Newsletters ( sends coupons, samples each month)
20. 3M

Paid Coupons
22. Don't forget Ebay. Ebay is a good place to get started with coupons. Make sure you are not paying to much for them, that they are Canadian, English and watch for shipping costs.
23. The Healthy Shopper This is a book of healthy coupons the book is free but you do pay $4-$5.00 for shipping

Well there is 23 coupon sites to get you started. If you know of anymore sites please share them. I will continue to add more savings tips soon :)

TIP:Remember if you see a coupon in the store for a product that you buy all the time grab a bunch of extra to use in the future. Most Coupons don't expire for a few months/ a year and a Manufacture coupon can be used in any store. ( Costco does not take coupons other then their in store coupons)


Anonymous said...

I think that this posting has been the most helpful, of any website, when it comes to tips on saving money. I think I might just love you:) hahahahah

Moms On The Go said...

YAY!!! I am glad you liked it. Hopefully I will have lots more great info to share with everyone soon :)

Next goal is to post each stores coupon/ price matching policies

Anonymous said...

Wow, we see that kind of savings a lot in the US, nice to see that it is possible in Canada too!

Thanks for posting!

Moms On The Go said...

Yeah here in Canada it is so hard to get good coupons. I get so green with Envy of the USA coupons lol

I am Lee-Ann... said...

Oh thank you thank you thank! I have such a hard time getting coupons for the things I need, I only knew about the save.ca site, not the others!