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Friday, September 18, 2009

Clipping for Savings!

My topic today is not about a specific product, store or brand. Rather, today I am going to talk about getting the best deals possible and using COUPONS. Although I am not much of a coupon user myself….yet….I have been seriously considering buying a binder and starting. Many hardcore coupon queens have saved hundreds, even thousands of dollars just using coupons! A friend of mine has begun couponing and she has found some amazing deals. Here are some of her top tips for those of you interested in how to make the most of your coupon experience:

1. Only use a coupon on a sale price to make it a BETTER PRICE, don’t use it on the regular price.

2. Never use the coupon from the store you got it from on that day. The price is probably cheaper somewhere else or will go on sale in a week or two, be patient.

(**Courtesy of Chrissie Mather)

I think these are great tips for someone starting out as I would never think of either of these!! Here are some pictures of ways that Chrissie has found exceptional savings with coupons:

2 Boxes FULL of Gillette Razors, Chrissie paid 30cents( the gst) for each of these.
Another Great Steal :)

In Picture:

4 Pkg of Huggies Pure and Natural size 2
4 Pkgs of Pampers - 3 size 3 and 1 size 4
3 pkg of Flintstones childrens vitamins
2 Pkgs of Huggies size 3
1 box of Kleenix1
24 rolls of Toliet Paper
10 Tubs of Wipes
GRAND TOTAL!!!! $31.93

Chrissie bought ALL THIS FOR $6.20

So where can we get coupons?? Your local flyers and newspapers are a great place to start! Many stores also offer their flyers online so if you have a printer you’re set! Many stores now offer email sign-ups so that you can be notified of special coupons and sales so make sure you sign up with your favorite stores.

One of the BEST places to find coupons nowadays is on sites like these: http://www.brandsaver.ca/, http://smartcanucks.ca/, and http://www.save.ca/. These sites offer great coupons for many different products. Smart Canucks is a forum where people post deals, coupons, discount codes etc for others to use! I have spent a lot of time on Smart Canucks and it is amazing what you can find. People post free giveaways, free downloads and pretty much any deal you can find. Most people will also post whether or not the coupon codes have worked for them when they tried it so that you don’t end up wasting your time.

Here are some of my favorite videos about couponing: My Nifty Coupon Binder, Coupon Queen and Chicago's Coupon Queen.



myrisa said...

WOW That is quite a bit of savings from using coupons!!!!!

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Moms On The Go said...

Thanks but this post was actually Debra's she is a new blogger here at Moms On The Go. I am so excited to see what other blog ideas she has after this one, because after reading her blog, I have been checking out coupons all day :)

Sarah said...

Great blog..You should consider networking with the moms in the bizymoms Mather community & share your ideas with them

Deanna said...

COOL, I use them sometimes..but obviously not very effectively..thank you for the great post!