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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Listerine Smart Rinse-- Product Review

My kids teeth are very important to me. So far Dodge (5) has never had a cavity:) Something I am very proud of (he gets it naturally though I have never had a cavity) The rule in our house is the tooth fairy does not bring money or gifts if the tooth has a cavity, which seems to keep him in check, since he is really looking forward to loosing his first tooth and having a visit from the tooth fairy.

Since tooth care is so important to me, I was really excited when I received a Tooth Tool Kit to review.

The kit included 2 REACH kids tooth brushes and a bottle of LISTERINE Smart Rinse, which basically is a mouthwash that you use after you brush your teeth, not only does it freshen your teeth it also highlights the left over particles, so when the kids spit they can see all the ickies that they missed.

What is special about LISTERINE Smart Rinse?

1. It contains fluoride which strenghtens tooth enamel to help prevent cavities between dental cleanings

2. Kills bad breath bacteria

3. Engages kids in their oral care routine by visually identifying particles left behind after brushing

4. Tints food and bacteria particles that kids can visibly see in the sink after brushing- a post - brush tool parents can use to teach proper oral care technique ( look what you missed)
Helps develop good oral care habits at an early age

LISTERINE Smart Rinse comes in two yummy flavours Mint Shield and Berry Shield. ( 250ml and 500ml) It will soon be available at retail outlets across Canada for $3.99 and $5.99.

My experience with LISTERINE Smart Rinse:

My son and his friend Missy were very excited to receive the package. They quickly choose their tooth brushes which was easy since one was orange and one was pink. Missy quickly grabbed the pink one. They then were begging to brush their teeth. How often does that happen? Seriously! They first brushed their teeth with tooth paste and rinsed. After they used the mouth wash, there was colored particles in the sink, which was cool, the kids liked to see it. Their breath smelt very clean and pleasant which was nice.
I would suggest giving LISTERINE Smart Rinse a try.

Here is the photo of what it looks like in the sink


Opus #6 said...

Hey, as long as the kids don't swallow, I'm all for it! ;-)

sheila said...

I always saw the commercials and wondered if it really worked, thanks!

Michelle Evans said...

This product has turned my son's teeth brown and as I looked into it more I found many people have a similar story. I do not recommend purchasing this product at all. Please read my testimonial: http://imseekingbalance.com/listerine-smart-rinse-turns-teeth-brown/

xodavexo said...

Michelle, I had the same issue with my 6 year old daughter. After about 3-4 months (approx 2-3 bottles) we noticed her teeth getting brown. We could not figure out what the heck could be causing it. Me are crazy when it comes to having our kids brush and take care of their teeth as well as eating healthy (no sodas, or junk food) Then we had the worst of the worst occur - She came home crying becuase some kids in her class had noticed and made fun of her. Do i fault myself for not doing more research on a product before letting my daughter use it?? Would have never thought that a product designed to keep your childs mouth clean and healthy would do this. Please, if you or anyone out there reads this, please email me and let me know how you resolved the browning issue. Obviously we discontinued the use of it and have taken pictures to send to Listerine as well.