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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Favorite kid photos blog hop

Favorite Kid Photos Blog Hop! As usual it was hard to decide but here are a few photos of my son Dodge from last year.Last day to enter in our Piggy Paint Contest HERE Open to Canada and USA

MckLinky Blog Hop


Get Real Girl said...

Great pictures. It is hot here today so seeing him with a stocking hat on makes me think fall is right around the corner.

the brown couch said...

Here from the MckLinky Blog Hop...please come over and visit me.

at browncouchevents.blogspot.com

and at comfortjoydesigns.blogspot.com


I am Lee-Ann... said...

Hopped over here! What a handsome boy! I love seeing other Canadian bloggers!

Our Family of 5 said...

Hoppin over! Great shots. Adorable little man!

Hit 40 said...

i don't know how you could pick a favorite!!! He is so cute. Great pictures.

I found you at the mommy bloggers club. I clicked follow for us :-) Nice to meet you.