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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hot on the Range - Book Review

I had the great pleasure of reviewing the children's book, Hot on the Range written by R.D. Jentsch and illustrated by David C. Bryant. It is a beautifully illustrated story about a Paint horse named Chester and his quest to get cool on a hot Texas day. During the story we were introduced to some of Chester's farm friends - Willie the Palomino and Nan the goat. I read the book along with my 5 year old son Dodge, who loved the book, he thought the pictures were funny and he enjoyed trying to guess what Chester was going to do next. As a horse loving family, we especially enjoyed Chester. Hot on the Range is an easy reading children's book, that would appeal to boys or girls alike. It would make a great gift and is a cute little story to read with your kids. It has a recommended reading level of ages 4-8 and contains 36 pages of horse fun.

You can buy Hot on the Range on Amazon for $14.99 Here


RD Jentsch said...

I can't tell you how absolutely great you have made my day. He's adorable! I'm thrilled you reviewed and I'm so glad he can have a copy. I'll be sure to send you a copy of the next one. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, but this one leaves me speechless. It's great!

All my best!
RD Jentsch

JulieChats said...

My daughter would love the horses!

Out & about checking out the blogs for the CC3 Club today!

Valerie said...

The book sounds great. I wish my grandson was old enough for it. Think I might get it anyways lol I love horses.