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Sunday, March 7, 2010

10 Ways to save money

1. 1. Pack a lunch - the minute I leave the house my kids are hungry. So to eliminate this I try to always pack lots of healthy snacks and drinks. Don’t forget to pack something for mom and dad as well J

2. 2. Do not buy from a vending machine – the mark up on vending machine food is HUGE!

3. 3.Pay with cash- leave your credit cards and debits at home. You can’t over spend if you don’t have the money and you are unlikely to go back to the store for something you don’t actually need.

4. 4.Carry reusable shopping bags in your vehicle

5. 5. Shop second hand – I LOVE consignment stores. They usually only sell brand names and in excellent condition if not new. My favourite things to buy second hand are kids clothes, robeez, hockey equipment and toys

6. 6. Keep a couple birthday gifts stored away for future kid’s parties – I just bought $20.00 board games for $3 on sale. I bought a bunch and put them away. Now a birthday party will only cost me $3

7. 7. Shop liquidation- I shop at liquidation world a lot for things like gift bags ( which are $0.50 instead of $1.00 plus) party favours, holiday decorations, books etc

8. 8. Shop at end of Season- Every year I go shopping after Christmas when stuff is 75% off. That is the time that I buy the next years teachers and coaches gifts. Any needed decorations for the next year. Wrapping paper, tags and bows. I also try to find solid color gift bags and wrapping paper, I buy it to use for birthday presents during the year.

9. 9.Stockpile- I have a closet in my spare room that is full of shampoo, soap, tooth paste, cleaners, Ziplock bags, birthday gifts etc. I fill it with items I either get on sale or for FREE using my coupons. Then I never have to buy anything at full price.

10. 10.Use coupons- Check out THESE sites http://momsonthego1.blogspot.com/2009/10/canadian-coupon-websites.html

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