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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Name is Jennifer and I am a Popaholic

Since I was a kid I have been completely addicted to Pepsi, I drink on average probably 6 cans a day. Which is horrible first off cause of the calories 150 calories a can so a total of approx 900 calories a day just on my pop. YIKES!!!! No wonder I have weight issues. And then there is the caffeine, which is probably the reason I have trouble sleeping. I come by it honestly, my mom and grandmother were both pop drinkers. My mom was a Diet Coke fan and never drank anything else, which meant there was always pop in the house.

With my kids I am completely against giving them pop. My oldest Dodge who is almost 6 thinks pop is the same as beer, bad for you and only for adults. I really encourage water and discourage pop. I hope he learns a love for water the way I learned the love for pop. ( fingers crossed)

So this week, I have switched to Sprite and Gingerale. Still not good for me, but no caffeine and still gives me the satisfaction of something sweet. I am hoping that once I get use to the no caffeine I will be able to switch again to something that is not pop.

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Jackie at 3littleones said...

once you get used to sprite, you can try to switch to seltzer water - I used to drink soda years ago and gave it up. I LOVE seltzer water though when I feel like I need some carbonation. It's funny too b/c when I was sick a few weeks ago I tried to drink ginger ale and didn't like it at all - you'll get used to it :) Good luck!