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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Welcome to the MOTG Blog!

Hello Everyone!

Moms On The Go has once again added a new section to our advertising and services. This bog will now be used to feature really great mom owned businesses, online stores, services, events, products and so much more. You as the consumers will have a chance to check out some really neat new products you may have not known about. You will also be given the opportunity to comment and enter into regular contests, while still staying informed with what is new and exciting in the marketplace today.

Businesses that are featured in this blog will be sent a " Moms On The Go Seal Of Approval" To add to their site. If you are a business or know of a business that deserves a "Moms On The Go Seal of Approval" you can send your request into info@momsonthego.ca.

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Kathy B! said...

Love your website! What a great idea!