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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Jesus Book by Stephen Elkins

The Jesus Book by Stephen Elkins is a great Who, What, When, Where and Why Book of Jesus, for young children. It is nicely laid out with short pages and filled with lots of information including maps. The illustrations by Claudine Gevry, are very bright and attractive without being distracting. I did find it a bit to advanced for my son who is 5. He was losing interest fast when I was reading it. I would suggest reading it in short sittings instead of like a story book. The book was great at opening up the lines of communication about Jesus, God, Heaven, Death and Religion. Until I read the book with my son, I didn’t realize how many questions and concerns he actually had. I liked that I could use the info in the book to answer his questions at his level. I will defiantly keep The Jesus Book and use it as a reference for answering all his upcoming questions as well. Along with the book came a music CD with 30 songs about Jesus. He really loved the CD and quickly was learning the words to many of them including Jesus Loves Me and Amazing Grace.

You can view the book online at the following link:
The Jesus Book

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